Property Management

Our property management service aims to add value to our clients’ property through close and on site supervision of real estate.  Focused on maintaining good occupancy level, safety standards and tenants satisfaction.  To ensure good returns on investments we carry out, a continuous market survey, timely review of rentals and lease agreements terms as an integral part of income enhancement strategy.

On the expenses side, the target is to lower operating expenses accordingly.  Under this service we also market and lease out offices and residential units for our clients.

The key aspects of our services in this area are the following:-

  • Assessment of rents, letting and marketing of space.
  • Tenant liaison and establishment of tenant credentials.
  • Leases administration and handling of lease renewals.
  • Administration and collection of service charge.
  • Preparation of accounts and budgets.
  • Periodic reporting on market and leasing conditions.
  • Collection of rent.
  • Preparation of rent payment schedules on monthly basis.

Facility Management

This is the Management of common areas in a property

The key aspects

  • Control of service providers of security, cleaning and maintenance services among others
  • Ensuring adherence with safety and health laws
  • Collection and accounting for service charge
  • Control/ensure safe and proper use of common areas
  • Settlement of Statutory payments e.g land rates and land rents
  • Payment of common area utilities bills (electricity and water)

Project Management Services

This is a special service that involves client representation and advisory on new and existing developments.

On new developments, we offer to evaluate your real estate proposal, put together the construction team to oversee implementation. On existing buildings we will manage all aspects of development and renovation of buildings for our clients.

Fee compensation for these services is set at a minimum of 3%of the project value.

Corporate Property Services

As most corporates move towards outsourcing of non-core services, Bluehills offers you an opportunity to improve service delivery and reduce costs as well as allow you to focus on main stream business. Based on very stringent performance measures, facility management entails property management, leasing, tenant representation, acquisition, project management and other advisory Services.

Key in the undertaking is service level agreements with various service providers to ensure the work place is improved.


This typically involves acquisition and disposals. The ever growing and changing real estate sector presents a challenge where buyers and sellers play a vital role. Ours is to advice you on how to get value for your money on acquisition and disposition.  Fee for these services is based on statutory scale.

The services are offered to individuals and corporate institutions.  We cut across all sectors of real estate, be it residential, commercial, and industrial and mixed used development.